Optimizing Fan Power Consumption

We offer design changes to existing installations, retrofitting a new design in existing fan that may offer improved efficiencies in energy use and fan performance. Types of design change include replacement of only impeller, reduction in speed of the fan, ducting layout modification.

Sound Level Reduction

We provide customers with an accurate measure of fan noise level. In case of unacceptable noise level, our team shall inspect its source like high speed, impeller imbalance, vibration, inaccurate coupling alignment, improper bearings or motor and quickly detect and repair these abnormalities.
We can also design appropriate silencers or acoustic enclosures for the fans in case of an outdoor installation.
With fully-equipped facilities, we are ready to manage all your routine and emergency repairs. We have full engineering rerate and design capabilities for fan and blower upgrade projects. Applications change over time, and so do your requirements. We help you improve efficiency and maximize performance to current requirements by rerating the equipment.

Fan Refurbishment

We have full fan refurbishment service at our factory in MIDC Taloja, Mumbai. Any make or type of existing fan or fan of partially good condition lying in your store yard can be completely refurbished by our experienced team of engineers, this enables customers to recycle and reuse their old fans when making plant modifications or simply restore the fans during a routine overhaul, prolonging their usual life.

Performance Testing and Enhancement

We provide customers with an accurate measure of fan performance. Flow rate, Pressure and Power characteristics are tested to API Standard 673 and IS 4894 to help customers calculate system modification more precisely and ensure that optimum performance is achieved from any modified system. The service also includes troubleshooting if your system is not performing to your specifications. Our engineers can assess the characteristics and quickly locate and suggest possibility of enhancement in flow rate and pressure.

Balancing of Impellers

We have total facility for static and dynamic balancing. All fans are balanced in grade 6.3 and in accordance with international standards ISO 1940-1973 and American Standard ASA-2-1975. We also have site or field balancing machine. So that we can balance the impellers insitu.