Duty Condition
- Medium Pressure Fan.
- Capacity
- up to 100000m3/hr.
- Pressure
- up to 800 mm WG.
- Dusty Air, Fumes etc.
Material of construction
- MS, SS, MSRL, MS FRP etc.

As the name indicates MW i.e. material wheel this fan can handle some amount of dust and fumes coming out of dust collector or scrubber without giving any vibration problem. Dust gets cleaned on its own as the blades are radial in construction. This type of fan is used in dust collection, dust scrubbing and fume scrubbing application. Even though efficiency if this fan is slightly lower than backward curved type fan, still it is recommended for dust collection and fume scrubbing application. Based on the type of dust/fumes handled material of construction is selected

To handle normal non abrasive dust
- Material of construction can be M.S. material.
To handle abrasive dust
- Material of construction can be SS 410, Hardened MS.
To handle corrosive dust fumes
- Material of construction can be SS 304, SS 316, M.S. Rubberlined, MS FRP lined or PP FRP etc.